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Computer Repair and Internet Services
for the rest of us...

At MutualData we strive to provide our customers the best quality computer and internet services in Mid-Michigan.  We provide rural internet to those who are out of range of the big companies services. Call us today and we'll see if we can hook you up!

Our hours are:
Monday thru Friday: 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm

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MutualData is a local company based in St. Johns, MI that prides itself in being a part of the St. Johns community.


While many companies have terrible customer service, we pride oursevles in having the best customer service in Clinton County!  Our customer service representatives are happy to take customer’s calls and help them in any way possible!


With the introduction of wireless LTE technology, we can now provide internet services to those who were previously unreachable by other companies.


MutualData now repairs computers!

MutualData is getting back into the computer repair business with quick and easy computer repair solutions.  And you don’t have to be an internet customer with us to get your computer repaired!  We offer hardware replacement/upgrades, virus removal and much more!  Just come in or call for a quote and we’ll have your computer repaired in no-time!  Our certified professionals will make sure your PC gets the best care on the planet!

A few things we’re great at

There are many things MutualData is great at, but here they are summed up into four categories:


We offer a guaranteed internet speed of at least 1mbps and, with qualifying service, we offer up to 10mbps of cable or wireless internet. 


Our computer repairs are quick, easy, and painless for the customer!  Customers are guaranteed to be more than satisfied with the quality and speed of our work! Some repairs are even a same-day pickup!


With LTE technology, we have been given the ability to reach customers who previously could not reach reliable internet access due to being in a rural area too far away for the big companies!


Internet customers can sign up for our email service located at webmail.mutualdata.com for $3 a month with qualifying internet service or for $5 a month without qualifying internet service.

So why not join our network!

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, customers like you need an internet company you can trust.  Contact us today and we can get you hooked up!