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Online Billing: Changing your Password

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Online Billing: Changing your Password

Here’s a short guide on how to update your online billing password. You will need access to your online account to use this guide. If you cannot login to the online billing area, try resetting your password instead.

Step #1 Go to the online billing login page and login to your account.
Step #2 On the right-hand side, click on your name, then choose ‘Change Password’:

Change online billing area password - Mutual Data Services

Step #3 Enter your current password, then enter, and verify, your new password. Once complete, press ‘Save Changes’:

Update your online billing password - Mutual Data Services

Picking a Secure Password

A lot of sites needlessly complicate password recommendations. While you cannot get around some sites requiring difficult-to-remember passwords with a mix of special characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, this is not the case with our online billing area here. Your password should be a minimum of 6 characters, and while I’m not certain of the maximum limit supported by the system, passwords up to 35 characters are supported.

Passwords should be simple, long and memorable, according to new standards recommendations. For example:

And so on. This is the WiFi password format used by a popular router manufacturer that many of our customers like because the passwords are usually easy to remember.

If you need additional help, feel free to contact us at any time.