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How to Test Your Connection Speed

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How to Test Your Connection Speed

NOTE: Make sure you are hardwired or you will not recieve accurate results.  To do this simply connect your computer to your router with an ethernet cable.

To test your internet speed head over to https://speedtest.net and you will be presented with this screen.


From here you’ll want to click “Go” and wait for Speedtest.net to test the speed of your internet. After it’s finished you should receive this screen:

The ping tells you how fast your computer reached the server. The lower the ping the better. Ideally your ping should be between 20-40ms. Your download speed tells you how fast the data you are downloading is reaching your computer. It should be near the speed you are paying for from your ISP. We are paying for 30mpbs and are getting pretty close to that for download. Your upload speed tells you how fast data can be sent on your internet connection. This number, as you can see, is usually significantly lower than the download speed due to uploading being harder on servers.