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System Upgrades & Updates

Maple Rapids Cable Internet

Within the next few weeks, we have an upgrade coming for the Maple Rapids cable system. The hardware should arrive before year’s end, and we will deploy it shortly thereafter.

This upgrade will allow us to offer faster speeds to wired internet customers and should provide a smoother, more consistent experience throughout the day and night.

More information will become available once the new equipment arrives.

Maple Rapids & Eureka 900Mhz Wireless

Within the next couple of months, we will upgrade wireless 900Mhz customers connected to our Maple Rapids and Eureka locations to new equipment. We have this same equipment on multiple towers now, and have been very pleased with the results. This upgrade allows for speeds faster than 3Mbps on supported connections, which is currently not possible with the existing equipment. As we need to replace equipment at the house, we will call each 900Mhz customer when it’s time to put the upgrade in place.

Upgrades could take place as early as this year, but weather conditions and availability factor into the deployment timeline.

Faster Speeds Available

As we’ve continually worked to upgrade and improve our networks and individual connections, we now have the ability to offer faster speeds to many locations. With few exceptions, we can provide 3Mbps to any location. Many of our customers can upgrade to the 3Mbps-5Mbps package. Presently 6Mbps-8Mbps and 10Mbps packages are available to cable internet customers (Maple Rapids limited to 3Mbps-5Mbps until upgrade) and select wireless connections within our network. Internet packages faster than 3Mbps require approval as, to the extent possible and feasible, we work to ensure fair bandwidth sharing for all customers in a given area.

Please contact us to find out which speeds are available for your connection, and if you’d like, you can try out the upgraded speed for a few days with no obligation.