Mid-Michigan Internet Services

Mutual Data Services Building

For over 20 years Mutual Data Services has provided internet services to local and rural Mid-Michigan communities. Starting out in the 1990s as Mint City Internet, we’ve grown from the dialup of days past to provide fixed wireless internet services to those same communities and beyond.

With over 20 coverage areas between Ovid, Pewamo and Middleton, we aim to provide reliable internet services to local residents whether they live within the village or city limits or in outlying areas.

Faster internet speeds available

Up until 2016, our fastest speed package was 3Mbps. These speeds were great back in the early 2010s, but not so much today. In order to accommodate the increasing bandwidth needs of today’s households, we continue to increase the capacity of our networks and connections. As of early 2021, over half of our locations have 10Mbps speeds available while 15Mbps is available through our new St. Johns location.

Simple, straightforward internet service

Our internet services are provided without contract, with reliable pricing and no data-usage caps.

If you’re looking for internet services and you’re located within one of our coverage areas, feel free to give us a call or fill out our service availability check form to get started.