Emergency Software Updates, Reboot Your Routers – 06/02/2018

This morning we’ve been updating software on our main routers, causing brief outages across our networks. This is due to a recent FBI release about widespread malware affecting commercial and residential devices.

This malware is known to affect specific router and NAS (network attached storage) devices, but experts strongly recommend all internet users reboot their routers as soon as possible. Rebooting your router will not remove this malware from an infected device, rather it will disrupt it and allow you time to upgrade your router’s software.

What to do now

We strongly recommend that customers upgrade their router software. If you do not have access to your router’s administration area, please contact us and we can help you access that or provide further instructions.

If your router is 5-10+ years old, it’s possible that there are no recent software updates available. In this case, we recommend you purchase a new router. If you’re looking to purchase a new router, we highly recommend a dual-band router.

If you’ve purchased a Mikrotik router from us in the past 1-2 years, we will run updates on those remotely from the office starting Monday.

Future network updates

Within the coming week, we will update software on our internal infrastructure. These updates will run about 30-45 seconds each as each device reboots. To the extent possible, any update status will be posted here on our blog. Because of the nature of the updates, we cannot send out email notices beforehand.

We’ve purchased a new firewall for our network, and will be putting that into place within a few weeks. We will send out an email before that happens.

More information

Here’s further reading for those interested:

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email or open a support ticket. You may also call the office to have someone open a support ticket for you.

Online Billing: Resetting your Password

If you’ve not used our online billing system yet, you will need to setup a password to access it. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1. Call us or stop by the office during business hours. We will verify your email address and set your password so that you can login.
  2. Use the ‘Password Reset’ function for the online billing system. I’ll walk you through how to do that below.

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